Watch Out People!

I have finally created a studio at home and have been preparing a lot of great content and cool videos that I am ready to start filming for. The reason why I couldn’t really keep up with my blog was because I had to put it to the side for a while. I had to could concentrate on other part of my business, not only that too but I have school, a day Job, then I cut hair after. It really has been a fun journey so far. I would say it took way longer than I expected it to be because of so much other stuff that been slowing my progress as well taking away time from what I want to give to the people. I just been reading and learning as much as I can so I could prevent failure when I begin my process.

Keep a look out for some of my work that I will be releasing sometime next month, possibly. I am still upgrading my equipment and multitasking on other projects such as making music.

People may say that I should get started right now but me personally I think its all about timing.


3 Tips For Wealth

1. Invest in something other than your retirement-savings plan

Many experts recommend using investment vehicles in addition to your employer’s retirement plan to ensure that you’ll have enough to fund your golden years.

If you’re maxing out your 401(k) plan, consider contributing money to a Roth IRA or traditional IRA, research low-cost index funds — which Warren Buffett recommends— and look into the online-investment platforms known as “robo-advisers.”

Of course, you’ll want to make sure that your general finances are in order before you invest. But if you have a sound emergency fund, have prepared for future expenses, and are debt-free, then the quicker you put your money to work and jump start its growth, the better.

2. Invest in yourself

The wealthiest, most successful people are constantly exercising their brains and looking for ways to continue learning long after college or any formal education is over.

Self-educate by enrolling in a course, attending a work-related conference, or investing in books. On a similar note, invest in your health — consider pursuing an appealing form of exercise, or anything else that will better your health and strengthen your mind.

3. Contribute at least 10% of your income to a retirement account

You should already be contributing to your employer’s 401(k) retirement account, and your 30s are a time to increase that contribution.

Many experts recommend putting aside at least 10% of your income. That may not be possible when you’re first starting out your career, but it’s a good goal to have by 40.

To work your way up to 10% of more, get in the habit of upping your contribution on a consistent basis — either every six months, at the end of each year, or whenever you get a pay raise.

Lets Be Successful

Dream-set before they goal-set

You must Dream-Set before you Goal-Set. Dream-Setting provides you with the destination; Goal-Setting is the transportation to get you to your destination. Dreams represent a vision of some future, ideal state or reality. Dreams are the springboard for goals. You can’t achieve goals that are actually dreams in disguise.

Most who set goals, mistake a dream for a goal, and that is why most fail to achieve their goals. For example, making an additional $100,000 a year is a dream, not a goal. Becoming an Olympic athlete is a dream, not a goal. Owning a house on the beach is a dream, not a goal (unless you have the money already).

Dream-Setting is the act of clearly defining a dream. It’s a two-step process:

  1. Ask yourself what you want your ideal life to be 10, 15 or 20 years out. Then write down every detail of your ideal future life. Be very specific in the details: the income you earn, the house you live in, the boat you own, the car you drive, the money you’ve accumulated, etc.
  2. Using this detailed description of your ideal future life, make a bullet-point list of each one of the details that represent your ideal life. These would be the income you earn, the house you live in, the boat your own, etc. These details represent your wishes or dreams.

Goal-Setting requires you to build goals around each one of your wishes or dreams. In order to build goals around each wish or dream you need to ask yourself two questions:

  1. What would I need to do, what activities would I need to engage in, in order for each wish or dream to come true?
  2. Can I perform those activities?

If the answer to Question #2 is yes, then those activities represent your goals. Goals are only goals when they involve physical action and you have the capability to successfully take action.

Let’s summarize this Dream-Setting / Goal-Setting process:

  1. Paint a picture with words of your ideal life.
  2. Define each wish or dream that must be realized in order to have your ideal future life.
  3. Establish specific goals around each one of your wishes or dreams.
  4. Take action. Pursue and achieve each of the specific goals that will make each wish or dream come true.

You then repeat this process for every other wish or dream. When you realize each one of your wishes or dreams, your ideal future life will then become your actual real life.

Wealthy people don’t quit on their dreams.

Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images