Watch Out People!

I have finally created a studio at home and have been preparing a lot of great content and cool videos that I am ready to start filming for. The reason why I couldn’t really keep up with my blog was because I had to put it to the side for a while. I had to could concentrate on other part of my business, not only that too but I have school, a day Job, then I cut hair after. It really has been a fun journey so far. I would say it took way longer than I expected it to be because of so much other stuff that been slowing my progress as well taking away time from what I want to give to the people. I just been reading and learning as much as I can so I could prevent failure when I begin my process.

Keep a look out for some of my work that I will be releasing sometime next month, possibly. I am still upgrading my equipment and multitasking on other projects such as making music.

People may say that I should get started right now but me personally I think its all about timing.


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